Transform your outdoor area into an amazing entertaining space with Paving.

Unearthed Landscaping specialise in Paving throughout Melbourne. We aim to make a lasting impression on people who visit your home. We carry out paving projects at homes, parks & offices using all types of stone and concrete. Concrete Paving is a cost-effective solution & requires very little attention from a maintenance standpoint. If you are looking for a paving contractor then make sure you understand the credentials and qualifications that paving contractor has. For over 10 years we have been landscaping and paving as qualified landscapers.

If you’re thinking about a Landscaping Paving Project then call Unearthed Landscapes to discuss your requirements and the end goal. We will help select the best style & material for your paving in Melbourne. As landscape designers our team understand how to match your garden, decking & outdoor area with different paving material so you can be confident with the end result

Blue stone paving is especially popular when combined with some light colours with a softer touch like timber decking where as sandstone is a fantastic choice when combined with some plants, grass and garden.

Pool Paving & Landscaping

If you have a pool or in the process of getting a pool then the next thing you’ll need to organise is landscaping for your pool area, this naturally includes pool paving. Organising a pool is a huge investment and this investment needs to be protected with a great pool landscaping design which will compliment your house and pool.

After all, there is a lot of time spent out of the pool sun baking, so make sure that pool landscaping design matches the look you are after. Our experienced landscape team have helped clients for over 10 years design and construct amazing pool surroundings


Pool Paving Melbourne


Paving Melbourne: Wide range of Paving Options for Landscaping

Our clients benefit from the huge range of stone & concrete pavers we use. We look to combine the right pavers based on the outdoor space you are landscaping. Size, shape & material all play a part in choosing the best Pavers.

The size of pavers plays an important role when we are planning the actual space we will be laying the pavers for example, if we are planning on paving a driveway in Melbourne then we would use much larger pavers as opposed to a small patio area which would look much better with smaller pavers or tiles.


Brick Paving Melbourne      Chess Board Paving   Concrete Paving Melbourne


The process of paving is fairly simple, however you need a qualified landscaper to carry this out to ensure the right drainage is accounted for and the right height & grout is measured carefully.

The first step involves excavation, we need to excavate the area we will be laying pavers for and making sure there is enough room for mix of sand and concrete for the pavers to be lay on.

The second step is about collating the different pieces of paving, in some instances we will use a technique known as Crazy Paving which is designed to create a unique affect. Crazy Paving is the technique of breaking pavers and using the broken pieces to create a unique path as opposed to square or rectangle pavers.

The third step is done after all the pavers have been laid and they are dried and set in place – we then grout the pavers to keep them from moving and keep them strong when they begin to be used frequently.

The last step is to clean the tiles, grout with special chemicals and clean this off. Once this is done your paving is completed and ready to use.

So make sure you contact Unearthed Landscapes for your next Melbourne paving project so we can put a unique design touch onto it for that lasting look and feel.